I love wind turbines but people think they look terrible

I was talking to my friend Gabe today and Gabe is from a New England community that had down voted a wind turbine being installed in their neighborhood. I had read in articles that some people didn’t like the way they looked or the way they sounded but I had never imagined that those factors would be enough to drive a community to vote against installing wind power.  This all made me a little sad because  I realize how important it is that we move towards clean energy generation.

We continues talking for some time. I showed him pictures of various wind art and pointed out that wind turbines could be quite beautiful. That’s what I want to show you, the reader, in this blog post. Examples of beautiful wind art that sadly is not usually hooked up to a generator.  Now I’m not saying that we should use exactly these designs for energy generation. I’m saying that we should be inspired by them to make both beautiful and efficient turbines.

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  1. powertomato

    just sayin’ 😉

    As an engineer I can tell you “design” is usually something we don’t think about. There’s a beatifull blog post of a friend of mine explaining why we should: http://bernhardkubicek.soup.io/post/254928811/Why-hardware-hackers-should-investigate-design-or
    Long story short: He is the designer of the Ultipanel (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12663). He noticed people started hiding it because they didn’t like the looks of it. You can now buy that thing from the official ultimaker-shop, but only after a designer redesigned the case and the user interface.

    From an engineering point of view windturbines has to be maintained pretty often to ensure the rotor blades don’t fall off and cause damage. You have to analyse it for microscopic cracks and fix them once a year or so. It’s complicated even with the simple designs we have now. Kinetic scupltures as in your videos may be difficult to analyze for material damage. But I agree: if people complain about the looks we may hand that problem to some professional designers.

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