Wooden bike trailer


I live in a coop house. Coop is short for cooperative and the premise of these institutions is that living in a community is better than being isolated and that sharing is more efficient than not.

Part of coop-time is dinner time. We share the cost of food and do groceries for the entire house.  There is only one problem; we don’t have a car. We have been walking or biking to get small amounts of groceries.  Being economical I reasoned that a lot of small grocery trips is inefficient compared to a few large grocery trips.  We needed a bike trailer.

As a group, we agreed that we should buy a bike trailer but we couldn’t decide upon which one we wanted. We couldn’t figure out how to split the expenses and then one person preferred one trailer over another. Weeks dragged on and we still had no way to haul large amounts of groceries.

Frustrated, I decided to build my own bicycle trailer.  I went to the thrift shop and got a used princess children’s bicycle for $10.  Here’s a picture below of me doing a sweet bunny hop.


I happened to have some lumber in the basement, so went to town making the trailer.  Four hours later the sun was shining down on my face as I emerged from my shop with a completed bike trailer. It was actually dark outside but it sure felt like the sun was shining down. I needed to test it. Here is a pictures of my first grocery run.


In the end, the hitch wobbled a bit so I had to redesign it. Simply tying the trailer to my bike worked like a charm. This was by far the cheapest and easiest solution.

In the future I’ll likely use aluminum. The wood is light but it’s not nearly as strong.



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