Quieting the Brainstorm

Disclaimer: this is shameless self-promotion.  Cause I gotta eat too.

I’ve had to make a lot of decision lately. What should I do for my career? Where should I live? What do I eat for breakfast? Should I go hiking? It’s stressful stuff. I have my ways of making decisions. I like brainstorming a lot. But then I have to wait for those ideas to settle and that takes time. Sometimes I color while I wait for more ideas. I also like getting ideas from people that I admire. I combined all three into a coloring book. There are prompts for some creative brainstorming, beautiful mandalas for coloring between prompts while ideas are brewing and inspirational quotes by my favorite philosopher Socrates. If you need to make decisions and would like to do it the zen way, you might consider using my book. It would also help me out a lot and give me more time to continue blogging. It’s called Quieting the Brainstorm. There’s a link below if you so desire to click on it.

Quieting the Brainstorm: Coloring Workbook for Making Decisions With Socrates as your Guide


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  1. Joe

    Earning a living certainly is a top priority. Though, using one’s personal gifts is a close second. My current job does not pay nearly as well as some other work I have been offered. But I stay with it because it uses the gifts God gave me. The better paying job does not do that nearly as well.
    I have decided that if the salary does not increase substantially within a year, I should go to a better paying job. The creative skills can have a different outlet, and does not have to be done at the paying job.

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